Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quilled letter "K"

"K is for Kavin" says my little boy whenever I sit down to do this quilling. I have been doing this project for 2 months. It took less than 10 hours for me to finish 90% of this project. But the remaining 10% of the work took me so long. I guess, that is because of the perfect geminian trait of getting bored of the monotonous work. I was very excited to finish it off soon when I initially started this project. But the monotony of making the same quilling pattern over and over again made my excitement decline little by little.At one point, I lost interest and never continued this project.  My husband kept saying, finish this with the same excitement that you started it with. Feeling very fortunate to have such a good support and encouragement, I got all my spirits up last weekend and finished it successfully. The outcome is worth all the effort.

I had a lot of confusion about the choice of colors when I started making it. Thought of going with blue. But fed up with blue all over. So to go along with the jungle decoration, I ended up with these colors.
Now the finished project is hanging in my little one's play room. It looks perfect with the jungle decoration and he always wears a smile looking at it. What more can I ask for ? :-)


  1. Wow you are very creative Lavanya. I like the overall look of the wall. It makes me think I want to do something for Siddharth :)

  2. Simply superb Lavanya.. one of my friends is interested in quilling.. I will pass on this link to her..

  3. @Krithi: I just started quilling recently. Good to know that your friend likes quilling too.. Would like to get her feedback.


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