Thursday, March 17, 2011

My New Hobby

It was not until a couple of months back, that I came to know about a craft called quilling. I was googling for some zardosi designs and I found a blog with zardosi designs which also had something called quilling. I was very curious to find what this quilling was all about. Slowly I learnt to quill and got addicted to it from then on.

Recently we got a note from my son's daycare saying that one of their caregiver was leaving soon and she happened to be my son's first primary caregiver. He started going to daycare when he was one year old. Leaving my one year old in the daycare was very painful for me. Everything was new for me. I used to feel very guilty (I still feel guilty :-) ) for leaving him in a daycare. Laurie took such a good care of Kavin. We felt, he was in very safe hands. I didnt have to remind her about what to give, when to give. She took care of everything. When Kavin graduated to toddler room, he missed her so much. I heard that everytime the toddler classroom went to the playground, Kavin would go to Laurie's room and when he sees Laurie, he will go running to give her a big hug :-) . 

The daycare center is putting together an album for her. They asked us if we will be interested to contribute some memories/ thoughts for that album. Without a second thought, we got a sheet from the album and I started quilling the sheet. We are planning to add photos of Kavin and Laurie together and also write something in that sheet.

A closer look.


  1. Good one Lavanya!..I am sure Laurie must have enjoyed the gift :)

  2. very memorable gift that she wont forget kavin throughout her life with his big hug.craft work is simply superb,what is the name of the work and how have u done that?

  3. @Vasantha: Thank you.
    @Anni : This craft is called quilling. It is a time consuming process. But really worth the effort!


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