Friday, March 25, 2011

Pottery Painting and I

I was walking on the streets of Chennai one day and found little clay pots sitting in a road side shop. Those were the days when I was doing some mirror work in my salwars. I asked myself, how would mirror work on these little pots look like? And this is the result of my imagination :-) .

They make very nice show pieces. I started painting the clay pots with black paint. Let it dry overnight and the next day, did some artwork with silver paint and mirrors. Its a bangle that is in between the middle pot and the last pot. I bought that bangle in a craft store and never really used it. When I combined the bangle with the finished pottery work, they looked great and so I don't regret that I bought the bangle.

After coming to the US, I searched for clay pots like this with no success. All I could find was the tiny flower pots. But didnt like the look of it for my kind of painting. I joined a pottery painting class with Clay Dreams in Arlington, MA. I did a couple of projects there with them using ceramic vases. But then couldn't continue due to my schedule.

Its been years since I indulged myself in pottery painting. My interest in pottery painting just passed by like a breeze. Hope that breeze comes back again :-) .

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  1. lavi your imagination has left me spellbound.i feel people like you only can give life to the dying pottery art.pls post me those ceramic vasses painting too i wud love to see all..iam sure your passion and determination will make you a great pottery painter.never wait for the breeze make it to flow to you... iam sure you can..:-)


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