Thursday, March 31, 2011

My First Quilled Butterfly

This is my first project in my quilling adventure. I should say first completed project. I started off with a peacock and could not finish it because I ran out of the quilling strips and never completed it after that. When I started making this butterfly, I was so obsessed with quilling, that I completed this in a couple of hours. I liked the outcome. But it definitely needs more perfection. Hope that will come with practice. But I guess I did a ok job for a first timer :-) .

If framed, this will make very good wall hangings.


  1. Nice work lavanya.I also wanted to do quilling.Thanx for this stuff

  2. Lovely work akka ! Looks so real ..The shape is just perfect..Especially its body in the middle, looks like a real butterfly's !


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